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454/10 HF Set Imperial 2 Screwdriver set T-handle Hex-Plus screwdrivers with holding function, imperial, 10 pieces


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Screwdriver set T-handle with holding function

T-handle screwdriver: The ideal handle shape allows the transmission of particularly high tightening and loosening torque. The ergonomic shape of the handle fills the palm of the hand well, the fingers lie safely in the soft rounded handle recesses. The whole hand makes contact with the handle and friction losses between the hand and the handle are avoided. With holding function to securely hold the hexagon socket screw on the tool. Special surface treatment of the blades for high corrosion protection and optimum fitting accuracy in the screw. Including metal rack for storage. The rack can be placed on the workbench or hung on the tool wall.
Application: Hexagonal socket screws, with holding function at the long arm from size 1/8″
Design: With Take it easy tool finder: Colour coding by profile (blue = hexagonal socket) and size stamping. 10-piece set in a box + metal rack

  • T-handle screwdriver for the transmission of particularly high tightening and loosening torque
  • Ergonomic 2-component handle with finger handle recesses and pleasant surface feel for very high power transmission and fatigue-free working
  • Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size
  • With additional short arm for the transmission of extremely high torques due to the leverage of the long arm
  • With holding function (HF) on the long arm to securely hold the screw on the tool

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