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ArtiDiag800BT – Wireless Bluetooth Mid-Level Diagnostic Powerhouse


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The ArtiDiag800BT is an automotive diagnostics tool perfect for those who need detailed, accurate information that regular diagnostics tools cannot provide. The ArtiDiag800BT offers AutoVIN tech, the most essential computer resets, and live data graphing. By combining full OBDII functions, 28 maintenance service functions, and vehicle info reading, the ArtiDiag800BT gives serious technicians unparalleled insight and capabilities to fix automotive computer issues.

  • Bluetooth VCI
  • Includes 16 Maintenance Service Functions, Such as Oil, SAS, EPB, and BMS Resets; Throttle Adaptation and Much More
  • Full System Diagnostics on 54 Car Brands
  • Reads and Clears Codes
  • AutoVIN Technology for a Fast Car Identification
  • Read Vehicle and Version Information
  • Shows Freeze Frame Data
  • Graphs Live Data
  • Easy and Convenient One-Tap Updates
  • Online Feedback for Technical Support

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