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7″ Bluetooth Scan Tool w/Service Functions & Bi-Directional

Features & Benefits

The ArtiDiag900 BT empowers technicians to break free from the limits of wires, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Supporting 28 maintenance services and full system diagnostics for 130+ brands, the ArtiDiag900 BT brings maximum productivity and efficiency in your vehicle repairs. ECU coding helps to optimize your car’s performance and customize its features; Bidirectional control allows technicians to communicate with vehicle systems and components to locate the vehicle’s issue with efficiency and accuracy. All of these functions are performed without one cable, instead using the wireless Bluetooth VCI to bring more flexibility for wireless diagnosis. Designed with comprehensive functionalities including AutoVIN, FCA Gateway Access, and graphical data displays. The ArtiDiag900 BT is a reliable and convenient solution for DIYers, professional mechanics, and auto shops.

-28 advanced service functions

-ECU Coding covers most advanced coding jobs

-Bi-directional control efficiently troubleshoots vehicles

-Full system diagnosis for 130+ brands

-FCA Gateway Access supports for major brands like Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep

-AutoVIN for automatic vehicle identification

-Bluetooth VCI integrated into the tablet for easy storage

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