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EZRED ANYWEAR Rechargeable Neck Light




  • Allows you to work hands-free
  • 300 lumens
  • Dimmable
  • Operate each light head independently
  • Rests comfortably around neck
  • USB-rechargeable with included cord

Patents: US 10,900,647  US 10,677,431  USD871,257


  • HANDS-FREE / HASSLE-FREE: Innovative wearable design leaves you hands-free to work comfortably without irritation or stress to your forehead. This light rests on your neck without leaving sweat marks and can be easily cleaned.
  • FOUR MODES FOR INFINITE USE: Whether you prefer the lowest setting (30 lumens) or the highest (300 lumens), this light adjusts to your power needs. Articulate the beams up and down by 90 degrees to create a wider beam.
  • STYLISH AND COMFORTABLE: With its sporty design, this innovative light can be worn anywhere. Keep your hands free while working in the garage or on a project in the house. Have one ready to walk the dog or for when the power goes out. Stock up to take the family camping in safety. You will never run out of applications this light is perfect for.
  • WATER-RESISTANT AND RUGGED FOR OUTDOOR USE: This light is IPX4-rated which means you can be sure your light stays on even when you are soaking in the rain. Made of a durable ABS nylon blend you can trust.

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