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Knipex 5 Piece Cobra Pliers w? FREE Knipex Ornament


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Features & Benefits:

  • Equipped with 1 each of 87 01 125/150/180/250/300
  • 30% more capacity than a conventional pipe wrench
  • Adjustment at the touch of a button
  • Tool roll made of hard-wearing polyester fabric
  • Tool roll comes with hook and loop fastener

KNI001955S5 is a 5PC Cobra Set that comes with a pouch. No more time-consuming test-adjusting to achieve the correct size. With the Knipex Cobra water pump pliers, you can simply position the upper jaw to the workpiece, push the button, and close the lower jaw. And you’ll also be able to say goodbye to blood blisters you get with other gripping pliers. With safety its first priority, Knipex has designed a built-in pinch guard that prevents blood blisters on your hand. The unique self-locking adjustment and induction hardened gripping teeth means that once it’s set, it stays. There’s no slipping and no need to waste strength squeezing the pliers — ensuring operator safety and more efficient work. Cobra’s unique jaw configuration can grip any shape object — flat, round, hex, or square. It also eliminates nut burring to avoid stripping pipes, nuts, or bolts. Additionally, the Cobra’s newly redesigned adjustment provides 30 percent more gripping capacity than previous models. A simple push of the patented push button adjustment maintains jaw size setting and gives you the correct size opening every time. Just position the upper jaw to the workpiece, push the button, adjust the opening, and close the lower jaw. And it’s easily done with just one hand for trouble-free operation in confined spaces. Cobra water pump pliers are constructed from chrome vanadium electric steel, an innovative high alloy, oil tempered steel that ensures longevity. And their thin head design helps you get into spaces other pliers can’t, so there’s no need to change tools when working in tight confines.


5 Pc. Cobra Pliers Set In Tool Pouch

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