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Phoenix Smart – 10.1″ OE-Level Scan Tool, Cloud-Based Programming, Adv Protocols


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Features and Benefits:

    • Broad Coverage And A Comprehensive DatabaseThe Phoenix Smart supports full system fault diagnosis of more than 200 vehicle brands. This tool offers OE-Level diagnostics for the most common Asian, American, and European models, and many other vehicle models.
    • Programming Functions And Online CodingThe Phoenix Smart includes Online Coding Functions for Audi, BMW, Porsche, and other vehicle manufacturers.It supports Cloud Based Programming functions for 13+ car brands.
    • The Phoenix MDCI Pro Has You CoveredTOPDON’s Phoenix Smart comes with the Phoenix MDCI Pro, a VCI that supports J2534, DoIP, CanFD, D-PDU, and RP1210 protocols.This MDCI Pro’s unparalleled coverage allows you to offer OE-level services to newer and more modern vehicles. With the Phoenix MDCI Pro, you will never be forced to outsource!
    • Step-By-Step Guided ProceduresGuided procedures and functions streamlines the repair process. Follow the prompts for easy and convenient operation, suitable for VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT vehicles.
    • View All Fault Codes On One ScreenThe Phoenix Smart Utilizes Topology mapping, displaying the entire vehicle system. Raw data is transformed into clear graphics, so technicians can see the entire status of the car system and get right to the vehicle�s issues.
    • Access The FCA GatewayThis advanced diagnostic tool supports FCA Gateway Access, allowing users to work on the most modern vehicles and adjust protected functions.
    • Do More With Special SettingsWith the Phoenix Smart, users can unlock special features and settings within vehicles. These advanced capabilities include enabling Video-In-Motion via DVD or USB, disabling the seatbelt light, and more. Applicable to vehicle makes such as Audi, VW, BMW, Porsche, Toyota, and more!
    • ADAS CompatibilityOffer in-demand services to your customers with the Phoenix Smart. Pair the Phoenix Smart with TOPDON�s Phoenix ADAS Mobile Package to calibrate intricate driving assistance functions.As ADAS software becomes more common in modern vehicles, the demand for ADAS recalibration will only grow. Meet this growing demand with confidence.
    • Heavy-Duty Software can be added for an additional fee.



    The Phoenix Smart® is part of TOPDON’s new generation of intelligent diagnostic tools. Equipped with quad-core processors and a 10.1 inch HD touch screen, this tool allows you to diagnose fault codes with one click. Its 12600mAh battery can work all day without fear of losing power. The Phoenix Smart also supports Cloud-Based Programming for over 13 car brands and includes 2 years of free software upgrades. Combined with the MDCI Pro, this scanner gives you unprecedented coverage, intelligent diagnoses, and a wide array of maintenance functions.


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