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Spring Tool w/ Lanyard


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  • Break glass in one quick pull! Hammerless action ensures accuracy & precision control for superior results 3,500 lbs. Of impact striking force Outstanding precision & control while safe & easy to use Made in the U.S.A ›See more product details.
  • Imported from USA.

Force = mass x acceleration: this has been a simple yet very
powerful concept since Isaac newton’s time. At Spring Tools, we
create tools based on this principal. Our tools are about the
size of a ball point pen yet have over 3500 lbs. of striking
impact and use No other outside force such as a hammer. Simple is
good: the spring tool concept is designed to re-direct energy in
a very concentrated area between (2) very strong carbon steel
pieces that are permanently connected by a spring made out of
high tensile strength music wire. So good that we guarantee our
nail sets & center punches to be the best in the world. Easy to
use: energy can be released in very small finessed tapping
motions on precision work surfaces such as fine wood. Longer
pulls can deliver a whopping impact that can drive a large box
nail through a piece of lumber or center punch through cold
rolled steel. The old way: all spring tool products are made with
industrial grade materials and have been designed for the
professional tool user. Our tools are designed and made in the

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