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V2200 – 2200 Peak Amp Jump Starter & Booster


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Features and Benefits:

    • Jumps 12V BatteriesThe power and quantity of jumps stored in the jump pack let you jumpmost passenger vehicles on the road with ease.?Jumps Up To 8L Gas or 6L Diesel Engines?2200A Peak Current For Delivering Jumps?35 Jumps On A Full Charge.
    • LED FlashlightIn anyemergency situation, a high-power flashlight is always an asset.The V2200 features a 300 Lumen LED light to see in the dark andsignal for help. Choose from a solid beam of light, a fast-paced strobe,or a slow SOS mode to signal for help.?300 Lumen LED Flashlight?Solid, SOS, and Strobe Modes
    • Safety FeaturesFeaturing a half-dozen safety features. The V2200 protects users fromelectrical hazards, including sparks from cable clamps touching. The toolsalso feature the classic ruggedness of TOPDON�sJumpSurgeseries. Drop,dust, and water resistance makes for a reliable tool no matter the conditions.?Reverse-connection?Reverse-charging?Short circuits?Over current?Over-temperature?Over-discharge
    • Power Essential DevicesFully charge most devices and electronics within an hour! Chargesmartphone, tablets, cameras, Kindles, speakers, tire inflators, and more!Type-C: PD60W 20V?3A,15V?3A,12V?3A,9V?3A,5V?3A?USB1: QC18W,12V?1.5A,9V?2A,5V?3A?USB2: QC18W,12V?1.5A,9V?2A,5V?3A?DC: Max 16.8V?10A
    • Works Well In Extreme TemperatureV2200’s high-quality internal structure design and circuitry can handle the challenge of starting car batteries in extreme temperature ranges from 14? ~ 104? (-10? ~ 40?).



    TOPDON’s V2200 is an exceptional portable jump starter, packed with a whopping 2200 peak amps to swiftly revive a 12V lead acid battery within seconds. This versatile device guarantees prompt and secure ignition for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, boats, motorcycles, and trucks, boasting impressive compatibility with up to 8.0 liter gasoline and 6.0 liter diesel vehicles. Moreover, it serves as an efficient power bank with 16000mAh Power supply, allowing you to effortlessly recharge your phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Furthermore, it effortlessly powers 12V DC devices, making it an indispensable companion for all your power needs.


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